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Roads, railways, ports, bridges, and everything else that underpins a modern economy. Transport infrastructure, or the lack thereof, is a major concern for investors and governments across the African continent, and unsurprisingly is a top priority for much of the region. Open tenders for greenfield projects form the bulk of our database, though we also provide comprehensive project-level data on brownfield opportunities and existing developments. Our award-winning platform has become an industry standard for up-to-date and in-depth information on infrastructure projects throughout Africa.
Energy Infrastructure
Meeting the fast-growing demand for energy throughout Africa is a key priority for governments and investors alike. Power-plants, distribution networks and backup/temporary power generators are needed throughout the continent, and the demand for such infrastructure often outpaces the available supply. Our database provides a detailed and up-to-date overview of permanent and temporary energy infrastructure projects, including open tenders and existing projects.
Up-stream, mid-stream and down-stream projects are abundant throughout the African continent. Our project-level database provides a comprehensive overview of investment opportunities within the energy sector, including open tenders and closed deals. Country-level analysts continuously monitor and procure the database to ensure timely updates and accurate information.
Renewable energy has taken off in Africa, and many newly developing markets are opting for non-traditional approaches to meet burgeoning energy demands. Renewable energy has evolved from an environmentally friendly and ‘green’ alternative to a viable and economic solution. Our database provides a comprehensive list of in-progress and open-tender projects in the renewable space, offering up-to-date coverage of investment opportunities throughout Africa.
The African continent is rich in un-exploited minerals, and mining projects are unsurprisingly abundant. Stay up-to-date on existing, proposed and open tender projects throughout the African region using our award-winning projects platform. Our database is updated daily, ensuring our clients never miss an opportunity in this fast-growing and lucrative sector.
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