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Global Insider provides cutting-edge, industry-level research for frontier and emerging markets worldwide, with a core focus on the Africa region. Our team of highly specialised analysts are supported by a vast network of on-the-ground resources, allowing us to deliver accurate and insightful reports to our clients. These are designed to help industry participants better manage risk, capture opportunities, keep abreast of market developments, and gain an intimate understanding of an industry's competitive dynamics.

Global Insider was born out of the realization that for many frontier and emerging market economies, local insight can often be tantamount to insider information. The lack of transparency and the abundance of misinformation make it challenging to reach a reliable prognosis without first-hand familiarity. For this reason, we only operate in markets where we have a strong network of local informants - individuals and organisation's who can enhance and substantiate our industry appraisals.
  1. Analysts begin research into the applicable market.
  2. Commentary and observations are collected and views are formed.
  3. Analysts establish contact with relevant on-the-ground informants via GI's Corporate Liaisons team.
  4. Existing conclusions are tested and new insights are gained.
  5. Final 5-year outlook is determined for each sub-sector.
  6. Econometrics team sense-check the numbers to ensure consistency with market-level views.
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