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Gabon Beverages Report

Pub date: 20 Mar 2016
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Africa’s burgeoning middle-class will be the principle driver underlying growth in the beverage market, and quite possibly offers the world’s leading opportunity for trade in the near- to medium-term.
Whilst a growing and increasingly affluent population provides a catalyst for overall growth, distinct trends have started to emerge in many of the continents sub-markets. For example, whilst brewing giants such as SAB continue to see double-digit growth in beer sales across the continent, many soft drink retailers are finding that they are losing share to far smaller local manufacturers.
GI prides itself on timely and high-quality data, research, analysis and insight into emerging and frontier markets where few of our competitors have access. We offer an inside look at current and future market conditions, helping our clients to navigate fast-changing business environments, to manage and understand risks, to develop and inform strategic direction, to improve cross-business relations and, ultimately, succeed in a rewarding and highly challenging marketplace.
Gabon Beverages Report
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