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Gabon Logistics Report

Pub date: 20 Mar 2016
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Whilst cargo volumes have tripled over the past decade, international and intraregional trade is still limited by inefficient transport logistics and poorly equipped ports. Transportation costs are estimated to increase the price of African goods by more than 75% on average, severely limiting global competitiveness. Unsurprisingly, logistical considerations are top of the list of concerns for many potential investors into the continent. Existing infrastructure is woefully inadequate to support Africa’s vast array of burgeoning high-growth and high-potential industries. But the regional disparities are immense – just four countries hold over half of the continents stock of fixed capital, and almost three-quarters are held by just 10 countries.
Global Insider’s logistics reports explore the industry at a country-specific level, identifying and elaborating on limiting factors and key opportunities. Reports also cover existing and upcoming infrastructural projects in detail, providing potential investors and industry participants with an inside look at the future landscape, and the opportunities or threats this may bring.
GI prides itself on timely and high-quality data, research, analysis and insight into emerging and frontier markets where few of our competitors have access. We offer an inside look at current and future market conditions, helping our clients to navigate ever-changing business environments, manage and understand risks, develop and inform strategic direction, improve cross-business relations and, ultimately, succeed in a rewarding and highly challenging marketplace.
Gabon Logistics Report
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