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Namibia Energy Infrastructure Report

Pub date: 20 Mar 2016
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More than 60% of African countries face chronic power problems that inhibit productivity and economic growth. Even those countries that are rich in fossil fuels must import the expertise to extract and refine them. When it comes to effective energy distribution, importing foreign expertise is infinitely more complex and politically charged – thus the growing need for sustainable and dependable energy infrastructure.
Global Insider is one of the only research organisations offering detailed energy infrastructure reports on a country-by-country basis. Our reports explore the intricacies of energy production and distribution across the continent, identifying country-specific factors that are essential for potential investors or existing industry participants to consider.
GI prides itself on timely and high-quality data, research, analysis and insight into emerging and frontier markets where few of our competitors have access. We offer an inside look at current and future market conditions, helping our clients to navigate ever-changing business environments, manage and understand risks, develop and inform strategic direction, improve cross-business relations and, ultimately, succeed in a rewarding and highly challenging marketplace.


Namibia Energy Infrastructure Report
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