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Nigeria Oil & Gas Report

Pub date: 20 Mar 2016
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There is an unavoidable disparity between the near-term and long-term outlook for Africa’s oil & gas industry. Following several years of intense exploration and extraction activity in the region, most of which were commissioned on the expectation of oil prices above $80 / barrel, the recent price slump has slowed things down considerably. We see no indication of oil prices rising within the next few years, which will undoubtedly force many of the less efficient companies – those with extraction costs above $80 / barrel – out of the market. This will fuel a significant rise in M&A activity as stronger players take advantage of current conditions to expand operations and monopolize local markets. Debt-laden and inefficient companies are prime targets for the impending wave of consolidation.
Once the storm has passed, the new landscape will be one dominated by larger, more efficient operations. The long-term outlook for these remains highly positive. Global Insider Oil & Gas reports concentrate on the upstream side of the business on a country-specific basis, shedding new insight into the burgeoning energy industry. Our unique company-level access provides for a detailed and comprehensive review of key players, challenges and costs.
GI prides itself on timely and high-quality data, research, analysis and insight into emerging and frontier markets where few of our competitors have access. We offer an inside look at current and future market conditions, helping our clients to navigate fast-changing business environments, to manage and understand risks, to develop and inform strategic direction, to improve cross-business relations and, ultimately, succeed in a rewarding and highly challenging marketplace.
Nigeria Oil & Gas Report
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